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Seo Google Panda For Dummies 1st ChapterBuilding Trust Level
How-to Purpose Trust Stated Articles
How-to Purpose Trust Stated Articles
Before any building visitor confidence, place your position as a visitor to your website, and try to ask in you, what information you are looking for, right there on your website? and ask again a question whether you can see from the display of your website is a bias you believe the information is presented?

Well maybe you are confused, how to build trust both in the business orientation, relationships, or else her. For that here we will give you basic tips for building his confidence that later you can develop for a particular goal orientation (in this discussion we will be more likely to be oriented on building trust and business visitors, although it is possible you can apply for another orientation) .

11 basic key to building trust:

  1. Transparent - No trick, No Magic, No Cheat, and the other negative. In the application of SEO, it is highly recommended "Search Engine Optimization" because not only visitors who enjoy (especially if that candidate constomer you), Google and other search engines would be more like you that will impact on increasing the number of visitors, an increase in twigs, and others. In this case, for example does not use "black hat techniques" such as using hidden keywords, hidden text. Another example, do not cover your identity, and a few other things so it looks a clear transparency.
  2. Sincere - try to provide the best possible information with sincerity, premises provide more detailed information or at least do not give Opera-that is a hoax. For that one reason is more trust the readers of the article than just advertising.
  3. Focus on Adding Value - create articles that focused on what you write, add references to them, such as related articles, maps, locations, addresses, pictures, videos, testimony, and more.
  4. Use With All sincerity of Your Soul - present you with a written expression to respond to what you write, can be your personal opinion, provide examples, or toss a question to your visitors. So there is good interaction between you and your visitors, which can be mutually supportive relationship between you and your supporters.
  5. Always treat people with respect - sometimes you will get visitors who give bad feedback to you (spicy crackling) responded well and they remain respectful.
  6. Take Responsibility - Forget the excuses in your article that does not make sense, give information on the visitors with a better, and take the responsibilities on your writing, (point 3, the focus of value-added).
  7.  Focus on Feedback - try to focus on the response of your visitors, respond to their opinions with good, wise, and respectful.
  8. Accept Criticism With Good - (associated with point 7, the feedback).
  9. Good-toned language - use a proper arrangement of words, good, polite and formal (do not use excessive swearing, or inappropriate word over and over again, his solution: just once, lay stress on your explanation, then it is sufficient or , same as you have used the word many times)
  10. Holds promise
  11. Consistent - holds the promise and consistency is very closely related, for that keep it in each time you create new appointments, or create new posts, so that your plot will look clear and give your visitors confidence in the discourse.

Well thus 11 basic key to build trust, but in addition you also have to do or have a supporting factor, among them:
  • Website Design & Features The Professional - a good view of the arrangement as the arrangement of navigation, the arrangement of headings h1-h6 well, the speed of page loads, the use of meta tags that are good and meet the standard search engines, setting the link, and another as his.
  • Service / Support Contacted Friendly And Easy - make contact with visitors is the ease with you / your company. (Associated with the points 1,3,5,6,7, - 11 key foundation to build trust).
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See you on the Seo Google Panda For Dummies 2nd Chapter.

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