How To Writing Content For Seo Google Panda

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 8th Chapter - How To Writing Content For Seo Google Panda .
Writing Content For Seo Google Panda
Writing Content For Seo Google Panda
Every content writer, you can bet most of them really want, what they write, visit, read, and preferably, with a variety of reasons and background of what they want to convey to their visitors. and the two highest chance of getting interest, sympathy, and traffic is traffic from search engines or from social networks, and both require optimization, both for visitors and readers from search engines or any of the social networking media.

SEO Google Panda Search Engines Friendly Writing Don’t Mean Writing for Robot Crawl Search Engines Machine.

Select the topic you want to write, as much as possible and you master the topic, and it is recommended you first seek information on the relationship to the topic with something that people will be searching the internet.

Many are advised to begin keyword research on the topic you're using, this is a fundamental influence on the success of writing and the topic you are talking about. By determining the primary keywords and secondary keywords, choosing keywords enough to have 2-3 sentences and use it only once for every 100 words you write, so the text looks natural writeing.

Put your keyword in the title and the HTML title tag to optimize your writing, where the first place a search engine, looking for keyword relevancy in the title and sub headings of the article or web page content.

Find for images related to the contents of your content and using keywords in the alt tag for image description. The images also can provide a better understanding easily for reader other than to attract visitors / readers. And if it has more chance you could also provide an additional form of video content relating to the contents of your site content.

Perform optimization on the first and last paragraphs of the article by placing your main keyword in the rankings is the next best position is on the first and last paragraphs of the article. Other than that search engines will not only perform checks how many times a keyword is used in an article, but also evaluate where else in the article are the keywords you used.

Avoid content that short (less than 450 words and less than 2 paragraphs), Ideally a site content ranged between 500-800 words, with a minimum of two paragraphs with sub, Search Engine does not just love focused content, but people also do not like rambling article long-winded. And if your content does not make sense, or does not convey any useful information, your page will probably go down in the rankings.

Make sure you do all the re-editing and correcting grammatical errors that you use, by checking your work as much as possible, as well as relevance feedback informational in the article that you write or erase information that would be incompatible with your article, if you do not want to appear sloppy in layout language and spelling you use.

And should you use a synonym, for words that have the same meaning as the tendency of your keywords, apply it in the middle of the article (after the first paragraph, and before end paragraph) is very useful for avoiding keyword spam, but also able to attract traffic you from search engines.


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