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Seo Google Penguin For Dummies - Introduction new Algorithm Google Penguin.

Google Penguin new Algorithm
Seo Google Penguin For Dummies

End of Month April 2012 - the virtual world, re-excited about the optimization of web / blog to search engines, because Google launched the new algorithm with a code name: "Google Penguin" (Web Feedback Form Spam Algorithm Update Now Live), "in the interview Steven levy Wired update on google for about a week after the algorithm was released to the public ".

Google Penguin is a continuation of the algorithm goole panda last year, where time is increasingly emphasizing the trend bertakan web site / blog, which has a high level of spam with a variety of models, including the black hat techniques - We want the webmasters to optimize your web site / blog them the right way (White Hat SEO) or even not perform optimization at all to be more focused in making an INCREDIBLE site and according to the rules (Google Guidelines - on pdf guide) "Matt cutt", in this case refers to the previous algorithm, which is highly recommended for and just do the on page optimization (making contains a very good quality) without doing any off page optimization.

for optimization on page itself also has a variety of criteria and rules are more complex and seem complicated, although essentially the logic of the previous rule still applies sanggat, you can read and understand our writing again (How To Writing Content For SEO Google Panda) once again , then you will get a little way out, before you decide to read our writing more about the "Google Penguin".

and also note on our writing (Writing naturally, Provide unique and substantial value) because the issue this time that Google has been able to recognize the manipulation of spin articles, as well as sponsored links that are not relevant to the content, so it is best if you start your work back to correct content of the web site / blog again more carefully.

Do not forget to follow us about the manual continues: Seo Google Penguin For Dummies .

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  1. Don’t bother about keyword density after penguin update, write content in natural way. You can use your targeted keywords in content but in genuine way. Make sure quality of content is good to avoid any kind of penalty.

  2. So we must stick to white hat SEO in order for us not to get penalized and dropped in search engine especially in Google.

    Cris | SEO Company Philippines


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