How To Make Perfect Article SEO Friendly

How To Make Perfect Article SEO Friendly - If we play with the word "Perfect" will definitely have anything pautkan with the phrase "Nothing is perfect in this world, except God alone". It is indeed, but as a human being we should always strive to make things perfect / in writing articles no loopholes for any questions about the article.
create prerfect write article seo friendly
create prerfect write article seo friendly

So How Do We Make The Perfect article?

Google SEO Tricks Tips Beginners For Dummies - With millions of blogs out there, get some organic visitors is highly dependent on the quality of the articles in your blog. Quality means not only unique content or articles based on experience. Quality articles depending on how well the style of writing buddy and whether the article was useful for the readers. If you write an article is good and interesting, the readers will love your blog and can not wait to look forward to the next article.

Unfortunately today, many people call just to make money blogging. So for that, most bloggers just steal another blog article or rather rewriting. If my friend one of these bloggers, do not ask why my friend has not been a success!

Or, if a blogger friend who dedicated to blogging, and are striving to provide quality content to the reader but not get success in blogging, perhaps the article is solely for the search engines!

Method # 1 - Find A Popular Article Title.

Choosing a content title is the first thing and the most important factor in determining the success rate for a future article. Always choose an attractive and popular titles in order to get a good response.

To search for articles that are sought through the Search Engines or Social Media, can be known through the free tools provided by Google that can make use of Google Trends or the other Google WebMaster Analytics.

Method # 2 - Doing Research In Title.

Doing research before sitting down to write a very important article. As an Indonesian blogger, you can not write false information in the blog post. So we have to make sure that we write articles must conform to reality.

If my friend posted an article about the tutorial, so my friend had to do some research to check if the tutorial is going well / success that will be provided to the reader.

There are times when we've met who blog or write a fake article that are familiar with the article jebmen (betmen traps) used to get more visitors. It is not a good example, especially us as Indonesian bloggers, we do not deserve to write articles lowly like the jebmen article. What we like to show the article to our children?

Method # 3 - Doing Research On Keywords.

After my friend chose the title and has completed research, the next step is to do research on the keywords that will be our target later. Using free keyword research services provided by Google is Google AdWords.

For example, if you are writing an article about Mobile, open the Google AdWords site and type in "Mobile". Once completed click on Browse in another setting, my friend will see a list of popular keywords and can add these keywords into the article.

Always choose keywords that have high search numbers and low competition keywords that are most effective. Choosing keywords that may help article to get a higher ranking in the search engines. Remember, also enter into the target keywords permalink article buddy.

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Method # 4 - Internal Link Pages.

After writing an article, link to link to other articles related to his own blog to increase pageviews long article. Besides doing an internal link many SEO techniques recommended by Master SEO.

However, there are some things that must be considered in performing internal link:

  1. Linking links to other articles do not use the word "CLICK HERE" or "CLICK HERE".
  2. Do not perform internal links using nofollow tag.
  3. Everything has a limit, so in doing the internal link is not recommended for too much.
  4. Always link the article that has the same topic
Method # 5 - Correcting Results Posts.

We are all human, and humans tend to always make mistakes every day. In writing the article the most common errors in spelling and grammar.

Errors in spelling, can make the reader feel uncomfortable and would give the impression that the article was written in a "spurious". We should always try to understand the reader and try to optimize articles by using the good writing style.

So, to correct the results of writing is the most important thing before publishing the article. This not only helps in finding grammatical errors and spelling but also assist in evaluating back points that we write.

How To Make Perfect Article SEO Friendly

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