Mechanism Unique of Google Penguin Logic

Seo Google Penguin For Dummies - Mechanism Unique of Google Penguin Logic.
Diagram Mechanism Search Engine Logic
Diagram Mechanism Search Engine Logic
Mechanism of the search engines, basically is to collect various data such as files, file properties, the structure of the content, meta tags, and various things that are most likely taken up by the spiders search crawl your site or blog, which are then collected, on further analysis with a variety of artificial intelligence logic using a variety of concepts in the unified theory of matching, resulting in a data set of search results accurate and unique.

Logic of Google penguins, currently able to distinguish content from a variety of things above, to determine the level of freshness and uniqueness of a website or blog, by including a variety of aspects to compare the contents of a content with other content to provide an assessment validation results are very relevance, and the rank of website or blog.

For it, if you do a copy of a search result, so we suggest to just take an idea and contains the core of your copy, and rewrite it with your own thinking and understanding so that you can produce a Newsletter which includes 100% Fresh, Natural and Unique Content. And we think it will be much easier for you, than you have to rewrite up to 80%, by searching a variety of synonymous words, and insert a variety of additional words, because it will take you far in producing a good and interesting in cyberspace.

Why do the rewrite is much more time consuming than on your own creativity to produce a Newsletter, simply by utilizing the ideas and the core, from your website or blog copy, because, you will repeatedly make corrections to the text, and will become much more waste your time if you find that the results are not good in the Google search results.

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