Original Content vs Rewrite Content vs Copy Paste Content

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 10th ChapterOriginal Content vs Rewrite Content vs Copy Paste Content
Original Content vs Rewrite Content vs Copy Paste Content

Here we will talk about the topic, assuming both Original Content, Content and Copy Paste Rewrite Content, has been applying the concept of writing with SEO friendly rules for each type of article to search results and rankings of Google algorithm panda.

Among Internet publisher / Internet Marketing, meaning a piece of content can be all things (content is king) and others. Why be so, because on the internet, is the easiest place in the digging of information, ranging from the latest information to old information, is fairly easy to find. Where as other facts, from the information seekers prefer valid information, for that many of the search engines are always developing systems to meet these needs. and to some extent, the algorithm panda owned by Google search engine to do a lot of changes and major over haul of their search result data to be displayed on the user.

And one of the checks carried out by an artificial intelligence search engine is Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or analysis of the original?

So how Google detects duplicate content? program logic more or less like this, spider Googlebot always visit sites and read the content and then save it in the list of their index, then we use the articles of others who have published and indexed first Google, then we copy and paste to your blog without any change altogether, Google will automatically identify as duplicate content because Google already has that content before. So, if this is detected by the googlebot then the content is considered as duplicate content.

However, sometimes the result of this algorithm Google panda, sometimes ,something goes wrong logic anomalies may occur, some web / blog that have original content, there was a reduction in rank, This may occur due to Google can not differentiate between the original content with duplicate content. For that many people who strongly suggest to always are creating original content, with your own style.

So who is going to have the best position among the Original Content vs. Content  Rewrite vs. Content Copy Paste? Of the three, two have pretty good potential, namely: Original Content and Content Rewrite. And not to Copy Paste Content, especially for the coming period, especially if the results of Copy Paste Content violates copyright, and a few other rules.

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