Suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 2nd Chapter - Suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content
Google Like Quality Depth Content
Google Like Quality Depth Content
One important factor is the alignment of the title, topic / category / keyword, description and Site Content, so how understanding and relationship between, with your target market (visitors / costomer). Whether seen writing an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or merely a superficial content. so how should that search engines (Google Panda) put us in a better position, and make your guests feel comfortable and satisfied with the information you provide.

The discussion this time could not be separated from the 1st Chapter Building Trust Level, why? because the quality Suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content , then by accidentally you will meet the requirements among the 11 basic keys to building trust, without your realizing it, and it will be able to build trust visitors / costomer.
  1. Create an Interesting Title.
  2. Make the title associated with your brand can be the solution to determine the topics and themes of your site (we'll discuss it later in a chapter). and does not include the How, What, Who, Why, When, Where. in the title. try not to use numbers but words (example: 1 = one, is better than number 1, except for very urgent). use formal language and does not contain negative words (slander, pornography, and many more). 
  3. Create a Solid Deskipsi.
  4. create a solid description (summary of the title, content and categories with good and solid) tries to not more than 200 characters. make as much as possible by combining the main keyword, title, and contains content by compressing it into 200 characters. The best example: title ... 2nd keyword / category ... play tag .. title ... 60-100 characters in the first paragraph ... 2nd keyword ... if you want to get better results you can also find other combinations that do not have to like the above, or if you use wordpress you can create a autogenerate, with AIO plugin.
  5. Create Content Complex.
  6. Content for a minimum of 600 words, 3-6 paragraphs. does not contain elements of negative words (pornographic, ridicule, humiliation is very bad). related content you provide, with your other pages, and gave also related to web dictionary or wiki as an excellent reference, or a site that has Authorize a better quality and more in trust by visitors as a benchmark reference. add all images (use flickr, but you can upload images there for free, you can also put a backlink on the image you uploaded there) and it can also make a saving of disk space your data. add a video if it exists as another supporter. add google maps to show the location if the content you're discussing a place. and do not forget to minimize the ad on the content (better not to insert ads in the content, especially if the ads use the java script / iframe "google ads"), is better put ads in the sidebar, or if you insist, you can use a combination this: put before the title "link ads" and at the end of the Newsletter before the comment "mode ads up to you, customize your template". put after the first paragraph / character after the title of at least 200 and at the end of the Newsletter before the comment "mode ads up to you, customize your template". so its conclusions, qwality content: content is king, and content not only text, the focus in the main keyword (your product / your brand / or that you preferred from the beginning). "write for the people not for search engine"
  7. Create a Tag Category, Main Keyword Permanent.
  8. Try to always insert the main keyword in your content pages on your naturally. and make a list of categories that remain in your website.
  9. Create Title tag an image and link.
  10. Effect not only to facilitate visitors to see and read your article, but it can also facilitate the search engines to recognize the file and your link.
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See you on the Seo Google Panda For Dummies 3rd Chapter.

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