Keeping the comfort, security and trust.

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 4th Chapter - Keeping the comfort, security and trust.
It is very important, to maintain the comfort, security, web / blog, to maintain and enhance public confidence / visitors / costomer, you. You are strongly advised to consider this very deep, to keep your market in the future.
E-Commerce Scure For Trust Public Costomer
E-Commerce Scure For Trust Public Costomer
With many issues regarding public confidence in the web / blogs, especially those engaged in ecomerce, it shall be included in your agenda, regarding the comfort and security of an integrated data system to a web / blog you have.

Reputation web / blog ecomerce you in this highly at stake is very large from time to time, because this is a critical issue.
"I always include a statement sort of guarantee on my site. Reputation is an important factor that needs to be maintained to earn the trust of buyers. The buyer may feel safe when shopping in online shopping site owned by large reputable companies. But small businesses, with private online websites can also earn the trust buyer with a good name which is always maintained, "say: Nuniek (personal online boutique owner).
Build credibility comfort and security to enhance and maintain confidence, from the advanced level, Seo For Dummies Google Panda 1st Chapter, namely :
  1. Use your own domain (not subdomain others, do not free domains), using TDL .com / .biz.
  2. Use the correct data on the domain that you register so it can display the whois info domains that correspond to reality.
  3. Use the link structure, https, and apply intregrasi security system well and always update your system, to minimize the possibility of system errors and system bugs.
  4. Register and obtain security certification website / blog, as in 
  5. Use a web design / blog lightweight, interactive, attractive in accordance with the standards of human interactions with computers. 
  6. Make clear the content of content, to explain what you mean, and without making the confused visitor / customer you (Suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content). 
  7. Explain how trading system that you apply a clear and detailed. 
  8. Provide support services, contact / hotline can be contacted at any time, 24 hours x 7 days, in full. 
  9. Use payment Merchant, and Merchant shipping of goods, which can in trust and, already known / trusted by the public. 
  10. Advertise your web / blog, whether online or offline media.

refrence :
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With the best tips for maintaining the credibility of comfort, security and confidence that is written above, will can help you, but we advise you to begin to know and learn more about Building Trust Level which we have discussed in Seo For Dummies Google Panda 1st Chapter .

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See you on the Seo Google Panda For Dummies 5th Chapter.

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