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Seo Google Panda For Dummies - Introduction new Algorithm Google Panda.
Seo Google Panda Algorithm
Seo Google Panda For Dummies
Early Agustust 2011 cyberspace, excited with the number of web / sites / blogs that are missing from the search results Google SERP, because it is the impact of google search engine algorithm update, especially to hit the auto blog genered content last year had flooded the search results, where which has a hallmark, has a low quality content with irregular shape target keywords, and system links that confuse visitors.

But the actual search algorithm changes at Google have occurred on 24 February 2011 which is published by the official google blog search, following his quote:
"Late February, Google launched a substantial change algorithm (known as" Farmer "or" Panda ") aimed at identifying low-quality pages and sites. These are pages (Often seen on so-called "content farms") with text That is relevant for a query, but may not Provide the best user experience "
Until this paper has been published in the evolution of the panda version 2.2 that it says will be the core changes in ranking search system assessment, especially for sites that have content with low quality.

Well that makes a very interesting there are two things, namely the naming of these algorithms, and code a program that is designed better than before his search program. Where the code refers to the designation naming panda google interent person who has the nickname Big Panda is none other than Biswanath Panda. Where in one of the scientific work of the paper entitled
"PLANET: Massively Parallel Learning of Tree Ensembles with MapReduce"
by Biswanath Panda, Joshua S. Herbach, Sugato Basu, and Roberto J. Bayardo. 
The paper describes the system capabilities in the machine learning work on sets of large-scale Data Mining. Application of machine here is the Google advertising machine. From the Paper can be concluded that the Google advertising system can know the quality of content by using the bounce rate (the ratio of bounce - how long visitors stay on the site) website. [on the Biswanath Panda Paper - Page 8, Chapter 7. Experiments - pdf] where in its application of the quality of websites that have a low bounce rate whereas with a low content websites have a high bounce rate. Where the length of time visitors spend on a website with high traffic levels of satisfaction, although to detail the overall factor in the application of new algorithms is not entirely like that (we'll explain more later) where the focus address three issues: quality content, backlinks and spam social proof. Seo Google Panda For Dummies .

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