Use of grammar, spelling and writing style

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 5th Chapter - Use of grammar, spelling and writing style
You need to consider the use of grammar, spelling and writing style, the contents of your content, because this will be an emphasis of the quality of your content (other than support of design theme is interesting and interactive) for with good quality content, will be providing great added value to you.

Use of grammar spelling and writing style
This phase is an important phase to produce good content, in publishing what you write, it is very important to create an understanding of writing that you convey to the visitor / reader / costomer, you.

writing style, grammar and spelling with foreign terms.

It is often produce versions of the different understanding of the meaning of what you write, it can be fairly lucrative, but also did not rule out harm to you because of wrong notion that resulted miss communication.
Here I just want to share some of my knowledge of English:

1. There are a lot of difference in English between the British, American, and Australia. Many of expression among the three English-speaking countries which have different meanings. But because I do not have much experience with the Australian people so I can not tell the differences. For example: a small room or toilet. Americans would call it a resting room while the English would interpret as a resting room for the rest room or bedroom. It is equally the case with the use of the term for baby diapers. Americans would call it nappy diaper while the English call it. Also the word 'color', the English write 'color' while Americans write 'color'

2. Pronunciation of words in English by Americans and Britons, and Australians are very different. For example: 'Hi'. British and Australian people will say 'hi' while Americans will say 'hey'. Also words like have, the UK will be said 'hav' while the Americans would said 'HEV'. You can listen to the former Indonesian Ambassador to Britain, Mr. Marty Natalegawa in English. His pronunciation is very similar to the British accent even though there is still a regional accent aka Java.

3. Based on my personal experience I can say that it is much easier to digest people speak English than Americans because their pronunciation is very clear and slow. For the UK, clear pronunciation and slow categorized as a posh accent which people with a posh accent is often regarded as people who are well educated. The people who came from southern England known to have a posh accent. But may be different to most others because it used to watching Hollywood movies and listen to music and TV shows U.S. production, making it easier to hear Americans talk.

Sample Use of grammar, spelling and writing style

Live, when read liv means verb (verb) means to stay or live. I lived in Bandung, but now I live in Cirebon.
Live, when read LAIV mean adjective (adjective) means direct. The event broadcast live on TV usually have any posts Live (LAIV). When combined with a noun, place the word before the noun, eg: live performance (direct viewing).
The word live join other words, means living creatures are always written in the form of living. Example snippet: Living Things, living creature, living organisms, living cells.
The word live is the adjective meaning of life if the previous word is linking verbs (verbs of sense: seem, look, Appear etc), should be written alive. Normally placed, the end of sentences. In plain wanted posters plastered like this: photo fugitive continues to exist beneath the inscription: Wanted Dead or Alive!.
Another example in the sentence: My grandfather was still alive when i left him.
In addition to live the word, other words are like.
Like to like shall mean (verb), Like could also mean as or similar to (preposition) depending on the context of the sentence. I like swimming. I enjoy sports like jogging or biking.
Alike means fairly (equally) is an adverb, verb describes. Example: Our parents nurture their children without an undifferentiated from each other. Can be translated in English: Our parents treat us all alike.
Alike are similar but can also mean ditaroh after linking verbs (verbs of sense: look, seems a, etc) but not placed, before the noun. Example: The twins Eva and Evi looks very similar. The twins Eva and Evi look very much alike.
Unlike the preposition meaning not like.
Furthermore, in addition to live and the like is hard.
Hard (hard) could serve as an adjective can also function as an adverb depending on the context of the sentence.
But hardly is not derived from the same hard despite its function as a adverb. Hardly has its own meaning, that is barely or scarely (barely / almost negative).
Same with the word late. Late could serve as a adverb adjective could also depend on the context of the sentence. Lately however is an adverb, not an instance of late. Lately has its own meaning that recently, or recently.
Another example: High can serve as an adjective, it could be a sentence adverb depending on context. But it is highly derivative of the adverb is not high. Highly have a distinct meaning that is very (very).
Example sentence is wrong: The birds fly highly. (The correct structure, fly fly (verb) is explained by the highly (adverb), but the meaning is wrong, who exactly is the high adverb, because it means very highly.
The tower is high. (High here means the adjective, describes tower (noun))

Tips on Use of grammar, spelling and writing style English

1. Translating English into Indonesian and vice versa should not do it word for word, but to be comprehensive. For example, try to catch the meaning of any writing paragraphs without having to translate word for word. If this is done properly and correctly, then you will not be difficult to translate or understand an article. Avoid the use of google translator because it can not help you in translating intuition English appropriately and correctly.
2. As commented in the post Mariska Pak Ragile about using the word 'has / have to' and 'must', then as he said the meaning of both words is the same BUT different usage. If 'has / have to' you can still have the option to do or not temporary 'must' you have no choice at all in the sense you have to do a job that was asked.
It is equally the case with writing like: I love you and I do love you. For the latter it means to be an affirmation or seriousness. I do not like it and I do not like it has the same meaning BUT different meaning in the sense that both contained specificity if it is not to say angry.
3. If you want to find an equivalent English-Indonesia, then you can use the Cambridge Dictionary online. This helps you to understand an explanation given vocabulary as well as in English.

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See you on the Seo Google Panda For Dummies 6th Chapter.

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