Spam Content, Duplicate Content, Spam Keyword

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 3rd Chapter - Spam Content, Duplicate Content, Spam Keyword, and Direction Link Navigator of the confusing user.
image - Spam Content, Duplicate Content, Spam Keyword, and Direction Link Navigator of the confusing user
Image - Spam Content, Duplicate Content, Spam Keyword, and Direction Link Navigator of the confusing user
This time we try to provide things that are not well liked by your visitors, or by search engines, it is quite closely associated with black hat techniques.

Topic in this chapter are also very close reference to the Building Trust Level in the last chapter topic. What are the negative things that could worsen the good faith of visitors, readers, your costomer, or search engines.
  1. Spam Content
  2. A technique that utilizes the system logic of search engines, which perform a collection of text on a web page / blog. The space of linear vector active matrix, from the Artificial intelligence (AI) search engine robots crawl. Spam content, usually characterized by including the word fload with some keywords that are often repeated and different combinations, with a length of a long and tiring pargraf if to be read by humans because there is not a meaningful interaction to obtain information. Having a different cache version (many choose a keyword / keyword-rich) is inversely proportional to the content of the version that you are visiting at this time unless there is an improvement of better content. You are directed to a completely different domain with an off-topic, commercial content. sites filled with automatically generated content or keyword-doll that seems unreasonable.
    "How to help Google identify web spam"
  3. Duplicate Content
  4. Content Duplicate is a content that is created is similar / the same as an existing content on your web / blog the other, this similarity may have content in common indicator of pure 100% - 50% of the original content. This can occur from the habit of copy-paste the article / content, or it could also occur because of laziness owner of the web / blog, so they installed a software robot to generate content to enrich the amount of content they have. Indeed, for some people this does not mean much but for an expert who is in need of a lot of references, this will be an exhaustive information search, and search engine systems also do not like this, besides it is also contrary to the rule of law concerning copyright.
  5. Make confusing users with Direction Link Navigator site
  6. Links that rotates only in the web / blog, without delivering us to the actual content and information, a technique that utilizes non monitoring view the user / visitor, thus giving the effect of the level and duration of visits level depth visits to the web / blog.
To maintain the trust, as described in Building Trust Level, it is advisable not to do things we've discussed in this chapter. try to learn and make Suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content, And Depth Content, without ignoring aesthetics.

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See you on the Seo Google Panda For Dummies 4th Chapter.

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