Rate it substantially more than other content sites

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 11th Chapter - Rate it substantially more than other content sites
Content Need More Substantially

Create unique content, quality and has more value, if compared to other pages in search results, to get a good ranking on Google Panda. Because substantial value is one of the root factors that in applied Logic Google, to determine the quality of content.

How to increase a substantial value , unique and quality

If you look at the picture the headline on this topic at least, you'll get an idea about it, but how to implement it? Whether all data obtained will be easier to set forth in writing. Of course not, they still need your creative abilities, while we only give tips and guidance to you to success just your content.

The first thing, if you do not have a topic you want to discuss. Then you can start looking for topics that match your main keywords. This is a standard thing to do, so many have known this. So what things really need to do now? must collect the information you need, you can open a tab 5 to 10 pages, from the results of your search topic, refer to these pages, then take a few pages with the best reviews.

The second thing, make a summary of some of the best pages you find it. Summarize the results of these, developed in accordance with the creativity and your style.

The third thing, to support quality, you can add pictures, videos and reference links from the web that has a high PR.

The fourth, language support good governance so that what you write can be understood and can affect your reader, so you'll always be loyal visitors coming again and again.

Occasionally you can do a poll to your visitors, whether it's about your articles, your web design, or what information you would like reviewed deeper by your loyal readers.

Provide relevancy to the article you link to another, so as to create links between articles in the web / blog, making it easier for your visitors to explore more fully, deeply and linger in the web / blog, if necessary, allows you to add a search box.

So now, all depends on the development of your creativity, how you will add substantial value productive for web / blog.

[PDF] Developing creativity by Dana H. Davidson. :

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