For Who Is Writing The Contents Of Your Site Content

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 9th Chapter - For Who Is Writing The Contents Of Your Site Content .
For Who Is Writing The Contents Of Your Site Content
For Who Is Writing The Contents Of Your Site Content
Reflections on a work written for the article content, will be very visible in the style of writing, of a writer. how the writing was made and directed, here we will sort out into three major parts namely: writing intended for the search engines, writing addressed to the reader, or writing that is intended for readers and search engines.

As we have said above, we divide the form contains three forms make the goal, so here we will review and give a little for it so you are more familiar with the concept in the manufacture of articles which have good quality content.

Internet marketing newbie, most of them do not really know the concept of creating an article that has good quality, so many of the articles they make look like spam, the build up of the keywords they use with irregular sentence structure, so a lot of visitors who come disappointed, because they did not find what they are looking for. For the type of article we call writing devoted to the search engines. This will be very detrimental to the future, because the ranking obtained did not last long.

The second type is a text intended for readers, this type has a good quality content to be read, with the order and arrangement of good content, but usually reviews them will seem very long and tedious to read, but the detailed information sought can be found easily and looks complex, usually the author for this second type are the scientists and researchers, or people who engaged in education. benefits they receive are ranked high in search engines and relevant in the future, deficiencies other than those we mentioned above is, the speed of achievement in the search engine ranking position will be very long due to the robot crawl also work slower and longer due to the complex content, length and very minimal support seo friendly.

Last type is the type of writer whose writing is intended for readers and search engines, if you've included this type so we can tell you already pretty much know how to write compelling content and quality, this type writer not only pay attention to the topic and the mere information that they convey, but also practice the techniques seo friendly and liked by search engines. Most of this type is those internet marketing professionals. To peak at this stage you can begin to practice our discussion in the previous chapter on How to Writing Content for SEO Google Panda, Writing naturally, unique and Provide substantial value, Use of grammar, spelling and writing style, and suitability Topic By Content, And Depth Content. And do not forget to pay attention to Spam Content, Duplicate Content, and Keyword Spam.

Because in reality, the latter type of writing, the information displayed worth reading and is able to captivate readers. But that with the impression structuring the right keywords and the calculation of the proper seo strategy as well, either search engines or social media network can result in an increase in both number of visitors, readers, or your sales.

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