Content Quality Control

Seo Google Panda For Dummies 12th Chapter - Content Quality Control
Content Quality Control for SEO
How to Content Quality Control and How much do quality control on the content ? it's all just a basic question of the number of people who are building a post, good for search engines, or to the reader, either publicly or among themselves.

Essentially an assessment of the quality or the good writing and interesting is not just a google search result ranking, but for us precisely the impression the visitor, reader or costomer who have more right to judge, because they are the one who is really able to give judgment.

Then how to improve the quality of the google search results, if it is related to your online business? "For Who Is Writing The Contents Of Your Site Content" We all know that google is a search program, which is based on artificial intelligence, which has a pattern of the algorithm to assess the quality of a web site / blog, content that you have.

Patterns of artificial intelligence algorithms "Mechanism Unique of Google Penguin Logic" that actually you can easily browse and learn, from the content that had previously in the index and get the best position in search results. one of the many of the most dominant are: uniqueness of the contents of the article, as well as the arrangement of the keywords you use, and good spelling.

As we have explained in a few articles ago, the core of the uniqueness of the similarity of the contents of the article is to reduce your content with the content of other articles that have been there in the google search results, we strongly recommend that 80%, or 100% is completely different (not equaled by others). although in essence, what you write may not new or unique "Writing naturally, unique and provide substantial value" .

Another thing that did not forget and can not be ignored is, the arrangement density of the keywords you use, we strongly recommend a maximum of 2.5% only. and of course to the overall use of the spelling, must be good, so if your writings translated in another language, would still seem reasonable and natural "Use of grammar, spelling and writing style" .

while the other is to control, the popularity of your site in the world of online content (you can see from the popularity of your content from the results of your sosialnetwork share, and comment in the form of reader response / visitor the feedback they provide), of all that you will know how to control and the quality of the content for your own "Google Penguin Control On Google WebMaster Analytics".

Content Quality Control This is the last chapter of Panda Google Seo For Dummies, which then will we continue on our new label Penguin Seo Google For Dummies.

Thank you for your attention so far, which have been trained in learning Seo For Dummies Google Panda online at our blog.

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